Patterns... Oh my gosh...

Once upon a time, when we first got started in the business, there were literally 3 places in the U.S. we got supplies from. The industry has grown so huge and so rapidly in todays world, there are now 300+ places to purchase from. Everything is copywrited and trademarked so Jim cant sell Joes film and Bob cant sell Bills film. There is no Walmart of film for patterns and I would literally have to hire someone at 8 hours a day just to list and keep up with new releases and what gets phased out, if that is even possible. This is a huge problem for business's like ours. So what can we do about it? I am not sure what the fix is.

Best case scenerio is to browse our photo albums on Facebook. We have done thousands of projects and while they are not all pictured, a lot are. I really think this is the best option because by seeing patterns applied you can get a judge on scale of the patterns and possibly a good idea on what colors can be used.

We keep updated books in the office of patterns we have and samples that get sent to us from our favorite vendors. We have hundreds of patterns in stock. We have so many I have lost track myself of what we have. Which is on my to do list. By coming in and looking through the books and giving me a feel for what your looking for, I can easily help guide you to what your looking for. I try to keep up with whats available and what the best sellars are to keep in stock.

If you want to, a simple Google search for "Hydrographic Film" could keep you entertained for a few hours... LOL... I just did and it comes up with 2,350,000 results... if you find something of interest save a pic of it, where you found it and send it to me. Phone text work best for me and most of the time you will get a quick response 907-715-4438 email will also work but probably not as fast i have accounts with most of the vendors so ordering is not a big deal. Be aware we will NOT order any materials for any job that is not in the shop. We used to but we end up with materials for jobs that never come in. We have many rolls of film that nobody is ever going to use.

So we apologize for any inconvienance this is to our customers, we are aware of the problem, not sure how to fix it but its definately something we have on our mind.


A few links i will add to some of our favorite vendors...