Price list:

Below is the pricing for some of our more popular items, just to give you an idea of where our pricing starts. All pieces vary as in type of material, size, complexity and pattern. Please use this as a guide. items such as snow machine hoods, all hoods are not the same, so its hard to have a set price. i also am not the all knowing of every kind of snow machine or every kind of fire arm or what pieces make up the interior of your vehicle. For a more realistic quote please email me a pic of your item.

Snow Machines:

complete machine packages will vary
(5 piece Freeride $800 pictured above)

smaller style hoods $200

medium style hoods $300

large style tub hoods $400


We at Alaska Hydrographics understand while we love our toys to pieces... we may not know how to break them down into pieces. In order for us to the best job we can on your firearm we need them in pieces. The overall look relies heavily on attention to detail for each piece. If you are uncomfortable in doing so, we do have an "On staff certified gunsmith" that will disassemble and put back together your weapon for an average guesstimate of around $50. We guarantee your weapon will function as normal after we are done customizing the pieces and if there is a problem we will fix it. This fee is not included in the pricing below. For the more complex owner that can take it apart and put it back together this fee is not needed, however we want to make sure we are talking pieces not pull the stock off. We need trigger assemblies out, mag release buttons out, gas tubes, firing pins, barrels... all of it. We have been coating firearms for 5 years and offer both Duracoat and Cerakote combinations to create some of the baddest most awesome guns in the state. From brand new guns right out of the box to restoring the ol 44 boat gun thats been handed down for generations. We can give it new life while protecting it from the elements for many years to come.

"The Alaskan" package is a complete rifle makeover.
This package will withstand anything Alaska has to throw at it.
It includes Duracoated and hydro dipped stock and scope with
Cerakoted barrel, action and rings $300

Standard rifle stock $100

Thumb hole stock $125

Rifle barrel and action $150

complete shotgun makeover $250

Sotgun stock $100

Scope $80
* with signed "waiver of liability"



Lower frame $100
Slide $100

Slide $100




Complete AR's are going to vary as in amount of pieces you want done
and accessories, all AR's are not the same. An average guestimate
is going to be $300 depending on your AR. Please email pics of your AR.

Butt, foregrips and pistol grip (pictured above $125)

Lower $75
Upper $75

Armalite 50cal complete $500


Rims $125 ea.

Vent Visors 2 front $60 all 4 $100

valve covers $150

interior package will vary (Dodge truck pictured above $500)

Grill $250

Harley tin set $1200


Moose Skull $200

Black Bear Skull $100

Game Controller $30